Over The Bow Volume 76 Issue 1 Winter 2018 - Page 80

DSO-PB's Corner

The ADSO-PB Team









attracted new members to join our team and we marched with Team Coast Guard on 5th Avenue in New York.

Many thanks to everyone able to take the time to write an article and provide photos for this issue of Over The Bow.

Thank you to the ADSO-PB team and our leadership for your continuing support to present the outstanding efforts of our fellow Auxiliarists in First Southern District. More to be revealed in the next issue of Over The Bow.


Linda B.Lakin

Linda B. Lakin

District Staff Officer - Publications

United States Coast Guard Auxiliary

First District Southern Region

Email: uscga229@gmail.com

Welcome to the Winter Issue of Over The Bow.

What did you do this past winter? We know, without a doubt, we flexed with the wind, the rain, the snow, and again and again the cold fierce wind. The Auxiliarists of D1SR clearly remained vigilant despite the weather.

We trained, we learned, we flew airplanes, we served as role models for kids, we