Over The Bow Volume 76 Issue 1 Winter 2018 - Page 38

For the Upper Hudson River patrol, a list of 17 reporting points is used. Photographs are taken facing Northward up the Hudson River. All AUXAIR Ice Patrol crews are trained in estimating the percentages of Fast and Drift ice that are observed. We also report if an open “Track” is evident. Most of these reporting points are “choke” points where ice is most likely to form and impede traffic.

AUXAIR conducts Ice Patrol missions all winter. Patrol areas include

• Lower Hudson River (Sandy Hook, NJ to the George

Washington Bridge)

• Upper Hudson River (Tappan Zee Bridge to Troy, NY)

• Long Island Sound (including the Connecticut and Thames


• Long Island South Shore

• Lake Champlain (from Whitehall, NY to the Canadian


Hudson River Ice Patrol worksheet.