Over The Bow Volume 76 Issue 1 Winter 2018 - Page 36

Albany NY depends on the Hudson River for delivery of fuel oil by barge. The Coast Guard, with the support of AUXAIR, is responsible for maintaining a passageway on the river.

N JANUARY 27, 2018, AUXAIR was assigned the Upper Hudson River Ice

Patrol. The Pilot-in-Command of the mission was Larry Hochheiser

(Aircraft Commander 07-02). Larry chose the crew for this flight from the

AUXAIR individuals who bid on the mission. The selected crew was Norm Freed (Air Crew/Co-Pilot 07-02), Vincent Bocchimuzzo (Observer/Photographer 07-05), Fred Bietsch, Observer/Comms 24-03).

As with any mission, the crew conducts a preflight briefing. The mission plan is reviewed, work assignments are discussed and delegated and the GAR is discussed and decided upon.