Over The Bow Volume 76 Issue 1 Winter 2018 - Page 11

On 28 November 28 2018, the planking ceremony of the John Jay College of Criminal Justice Auxiliary University was held to accept the John Jay College Detachment into the United States Coast Guard family.

The ceremony included the President of John Jay College, Karol Mason, Admiral Steven Poulin, Captain Michael Day, Captain of the Port of New York, Commander Grossman, Director of Auxiliary First Southern District, Deputy National Commodore Alex Malweski, Michael Raffel DCDR 05, Richard Helm IPDCDR 05, Vincent Matsui FC 05-03, Anthony Carter IPFC 05-03, and Andrew Thurman VFC 05-03.

According to Susan Pickman, there are many benefits to the Flotilla which has incorporated the new participants and has grown the Flotilla to over 100 members overall.

Several Detachment members are moving forward in their interests in Boat Crew, Air Crew and Food Service.

The new members are working with the Flotilla Staff officers and will be assisting during Safe Boating Week, distributing safe boating materials. BQ status is very sought after by the students.

A description of the John Jay College Auxiliary University Program is available here.

For more information about the Auxiliary University Program, click this link.