Over The Bow Volume 76 Issue 1 Winter 2018 - Page 10

Recently, John Jay College hosted AUXLAMS, instructed by Auxiliarists George Bond, Woodrow Johnson and Tammy Estevez. Four members of the John Jay Detachment attended and SUNY Maritime College, with an application awaiting approval to become the next AUP School, sent two students as well. AUXLAMS is a bonus for student’s interest in future leadership position.

The American Council of Education is awarding three undergraduate credits to students who attend and complete the two weekends required of AUXLAMS.

John Jay College of Criminal Justice instituted an internship program in the Security, Fire and Emergency Management Department, where students can earn credit by being a member of AUP. Students are required to complete the eight mandatory training classes, ABS Course, ICS 100 and 700 and now BQ2. Students can take FEMA courses and apply them to the 95 required hours for the Auxiliary University courses. Flotilla 05-03 has volunteer mentors for the students who have joined the Flotilla.

Susan is pleased that the Flotilla has received and integrated the new members into many activities, particularly with the upcoming boating season.