Outdoor Pursuits Program Guide Winter 2018 - Page 6

Backcountry Skiing/Riding Hut Trip Fri., Feb. 23rd to Sun., Feb. 25th Experienced skiers and riders are invited on this amazing hut trip in the San Juan Mountain Range. Departing on Friday afternoon we will ski into our base camp hut for the weekend. From there we will access an abundance of backcountry ski terrain as we shred the deep powder during the day and sleep warm and cozy at night. Instructor permission is required prior to signing up for the trip. Sign-up begins Monday, February 19th. Cost: $80. Includes 2-nights lodging, food, transportation, and equipment. Wilderness First Responder Sat., Mar. 3rd to Sun., Mar. 11th Be prepared for the worst the next time you venture into the backcountry by learning professional medical skills from one of the most respected organizations in wilderness medicine. The Wilderness Medicine Institute of NOLS will teach you how to handle everything from a sprained ankle to ana- phylactic shock. Cost: $700 for OP Members/$750 for non-Members. Call 866-831-9001 for registra- tion information. Spring Break—Surf Camp Sat., Mar. 3rd to Sat., Mar. 10th OP is going to learn to surf. Spend your spring break at one of California’s premiere surf schools located in Southern California. With great instructors, beginner waves, and superb beach camp- ing this will be a spring break to remember. This trip is open to all levels and abilities, however, all participants must be able to swim. Sign-up begins Monday, January 29th. Cost: $525. Includes transportation, food, equipment, instruction, and camping. Spring Break—Canyons via Foot & Pack Raft Sat., Mar. 3rd to Sun., Mar. 11th Low on cash, but want to have a grand adventure? Join OP for a spring break of backpacking and pack rafting through Glen Canyon Recreation Area. Seeking to escape winter and find soli- tude under sunny skies, we will strike out for the nether regions of Lake Powell as we descend one canyon; paddle to another; and make our way back to where we started. Our days will be spent exploring the wonders of the desert while carrying all that we need to live. Sign-up begins Mon- day, January 29th. Cost: $250. Includes food, transportation, equipment, and permit. Wilderness First Aid Tue., Mar. 13th, Thr., Mar. 15th, Sat., Mar. 17th to Sun., Mar. 18th Southwest Rescue will be conducting this excellent course to help prepare you for medical issues in the backcountry. The focus of the course is hands-on skills practice and simulations. Cost: $175.00 OP Members (For more information go to Southwestrescue.com or call 970-903-8355) Exploration of Canyonlands Fri., Apr. 6th to Sun., Apr. 8th Escape campus for the warmth of the desert sun as we head to the Needles district of Canyon- lands National Park. This will be a relaxing weekend as we day hike through this amazing land- scape and stargaze at night. All levels and abilities are welcome. Trip sign-up begins Monday, April 2nd. Cost: $75. Includes food, transportation, and permits. ACA Kayak Instructor Course Fri., Apr. 6 to Sun., Apr. 8th & Fri., Apr. 13 to Sun., Apr. 15th Want to earn money kayaking? Of perhaps, you want to fast track your kayaking skills? Either way, pa X\][[\[[]H\H\HܙX]^H[\ݙH[\ݙ\[Y[[ˈB\Hۜ\و][[\ܛH\[ۜ[[YZ[]وۈH]\[YKYۋ]\Y[[ۙ^KX\   LK[Y\[ܝ][ۋ][\]Z\ BY[  [X[ۋ ܈\YX][ۈ\X\[]\XYH[PHY[X\ H[^BRPY\][ۈ JB[[ۙY\[YZ[BBBBQK\ L[\ M][\H]܈H[[[ۙY\[Y[\KH[\\Y^HY\ۈ[[X\[ [ܛݙ[YX]]Y[[[ۜۈ]\^H[[^HYܙH]\[X[\\ۈ[^H][[ˈ[][[X[]Y\\H[YHۈ\Y[\KYۋ]\Y[[ۙ^K\[]   [Y\ [ܝ][ۋ[\[ \]Z\Y[