Outdoor Insider Fall 2017 - Page 22

for “really powerful storytelling, connecting visitors to a place that they will hopefully protect.”

People may gravitate either toward or away from technology, but parks and group leaders can provide both, Steele said. The Leave No Trace principles include being considerate of other visitors, she noted. So if someone’s using an app in the woods, make sure they don’t play it loudly—ask them to use headphones.

Furman said, “I think the crux is being able to use the technology that we find appropriate without impacting other users’ experiences. And in some cases, that means keeping the technology stowed out of sight and earshot from the other people in your party or other hikers, climbers, skiers, etc.”

“Respect other visitors’ experience,” Steele said. That way, the no-tech and high-tech visitors can coexist.

—Allison Torres Burtka

Photo: NPS/Will Greene

Acadia Youth Technology Team