Outdoor Focus Winter 2017 - Page 6

BOOK REVIEWS / ROLY SMITH why the often uncomfortable and long-winded method of sketching the scene first, instead of just taking a photograph? The author’s response? “…you see and learn so much more when spending even a few minutes sketching a subject.” The result is without doubt the finest collection of paintings of the Arctic I have ever seen. Bellamy’s sensitive brush-work captures every nuance of mountain, glacier and fjord and leaves the reader with the intense desire to return to these magnificent, unspoilt wildernesses. Rachel Crolla and Carl McKeating, covering 80 routes within the Snowdonia National Park. All the old classics, such as the Snowdon Horseshoe, Tryfan, Bristly Ridge on the Glyders and the Cyfrwy Arete on Cadair, are included, but the authors also introduce 16 entirely new routes, which will undoubtedly be eagerly snapped up by the completists. ARCTIC LIGHT David Bellamy Search Press, £25 (hb) L ike JMW Turner, the artist whom he admits to being his greatest influence, David Bellamy prefers to do his paintings outdoors and in all weathers. That’s why you can almost feel the biting wind and vicious spindrift squalls in the watercolours in his latest sumptuous offering, in which describes his experiences in the Scandinavian Arctic. The author, who provides our Golden Eagle award painting every year, explains that his interest in the Arctic came late in life, following a trip to Iceland with his daughter Catherine. He soon found, as he explains, that his favoured medi VbvFW&6W v&VB7WW&&ǒvV( &VFW&pFR7V'FRV6W2BfFPf&FbFRB6W"6P7V&V7FVBF6vrƖvB@F7W&26FF2( Р2Rv2&VVF6VB"FR&7F26GFW7BvVFW"6FF2@F6RFGVFW2&RWfW'&B06vV&R2FRvfW&VN( 0f"'&WB2FR6VFW'0&RfBbFVƖrS( ĖbPF( BƖRW"vVFW"rf ffR֖WFW2BN( 6vR( Р&Vמ( 2F&7F0vFW&6W"FrFW6Rv"fFvFFV"rg&VWpG27FVBbvFW"@bWFF"f7W2vFW"#p44T@6&2&wF6b66W7FW" *3#"45$$U24tD7FWfR6F&6V7&B6&4VFp66W&R *3BR"2FRV&Ɨ6W"&vFǒ7FFW27FWfR6F( 267&&W06vF2V&V@fW'7V66RFPffV7F2b67&&W'2@6Ɩ&W'2BǒFB6F( 0VW&rwVFR7&P6VFW72&VFW'2FF66fW"FPW&Fb67&&ƖrFP6vF2Bv26FPf'7BwVFRFG&GV6RFRrЧ7FF&BVW&6w&Fr77FVЦf"67&&ƖrࠒF2V6fVBwVFR2p&VVgVǒWFFVBB&Wf6V@'WW&V6VB&6&RFW2Ц&6VB6Ɩ&W'2B67&&W'2BFR7B6VBF20FRfW'FWF&w&''&F( 2&W7BֶvVFVW"Bup&W6FVB6&2&wFffRbP6VB7W'&( 2&w&v6WfW"ࠒ'WBF2R2FffW&VBB2f &RW'6Bfr66V@b2W'6ƖfRfW2B76W0GW&r2cזV"6&VW"2Pb'&F( 2VFr6Ɩ&W'2@WVFFVFW"ࠒFR7Bfr6V7F26VFPV'F'&VrFW67&F2bpR6VBvFFRG&v2G&vr`2F&VRזV"B66&BvP&wFv26Ɩ&r6vV7VF"ccBFRrFV&ƗFFrW72b2&VfV@f'7BvfRvVGv6FǒFVB`F"WW&F6V6R#B'W@FW6FVb2gV&WV