Outdoor Focus Winter 2017 - Page 25

Krem Mawpun The sheer fun of caving in an active streamway, in Krem Mawpun. Chris Howes receiving his award from OWPG chairman, Peter Gillman What the judges said... Once again this photographer has shown himself to be at the forefront of his specialization, using his technical mastery of lighting for visual impact and scene-setting to enhance a strong sense of composition and human drama in a very challenging environment. He is also able to edit and select strong images that form a cohesive whole, to tell the story with variety, strong use of colour, texture, shape and pattern. The OWPG Photography award is sponsored by Conway. An imprint of Bloomsbury Publishing, Conway publishes books that open up the world through tales of contemporary and historical exploration and adventure. Peghorn Lodge Sunrise, Teesdale Highly Commended David Forster for Weather: light on landscape What the judges said... Landscape photographers are always going to have their work cut out producing images that stand head and shoulders above others because this genre is a very crowded place to be. There are a number of really strong, atmospheric and individual images in this portfolio that point towards a more conceptual approach to landscape photography. A more concentrated, cohesive and thematically committed portfolio would vie for the award. As it is, the work is highly commendable. To see more of David’s work visit www.bluestoneimages.com www.bloomsbury.com/uk/non-fiction/travel-and-adventure winter 2017 | Outdoor focus 25