Outdoor Focus Winter 2017 - Page 22

PHOTOGRAPHY Winner Chris Howes for The Abode of the Clouds Judges Dave Willis and Ashley Cooper T he state of Meghalaya in north-east India is a mountain region with the highest rainfall on earth (one night we experienced 28cm of rainfall, and this was in the dry season). ‘Meghalaya’ translates to Abode of the Clouds, an apt description. These pictures were shot in February 2017 during an international expedition undertaking original exploration. The images are chosen to concentrate on two aspects of the caves: the ever-present water that has carved them out (which required the use of buoyancy aids during exploration and shooting) and the different geologies. Meghalaya has a curious mixture of limestone and sandstone caves, the latter being highly unusual and now challenging the record for the longest in the world. The interface between the rocks sometimes reve