Outdoor Focus Winter 2017 - Page 20

TECHNICAL FEATURE Winner Chris Townsend for A Lightweight Approach to Big Hills Judges Carlton Reid, executive editor of www.bikebiz.com, and Elizabeth Multon of Bloomsbury Publishing What the judges said... Elizabeth Multon Amongst a good number of well-written travel pieces (which gave me a dangerous number of ideas for holidays and challenges), articles that stood out for me were of course those that were especially well written, but also ones that gave us insight into the writer’s mindset, and that made me think again about how I relate to the outdoors. Carlton Reid As per usual the stand- out articles stand out; evocative writing, great intros and, mostly, the accompanying photographs whet the appetite nicely. Could be just me but editing seems a bit sharper this year, especially for the best pieces, but lower down the ranks there are some howlers that show that writers need to put their pieces through Grammarly or similar (cos editors clearly ain’t gonna do it). Digital presentation for some of the pieces is also showing a strong improvement, which can only be good. Chris Townsend receiving his award from Cicerone’s Joe Williams About Chris... Chris Townsend is an outdoor writer and photographer and a passionate wilderness hiker. He is the author of twenty-five books, including the award-winning Backpacker’s Handbook, and is Equipment Editor of TGO magazine. The Technical Feature award is sponsored by Cicerone, a specialist publisher of walking, trekking, mountaineering and cycling guidebooks. www.cicerone.co.uk www.christownsendoutdoors.com A Lightweight Approach to Big Hills Chris Townsend U ltralight backpacking is often portrayed as risky and masochistic, as heading into the wilds with barely enough gear to survive and certainly not enough to be comfortable. It doesn’t have to be like that. I don’t go into the hills to practice ‘surviving’ or to suffer. I go to enjoy myself. But part of that enjoyment is having as light a load as possible. How light depends on the time of year and the destination. The key factors for combining comfort and safety with a light load are the right gear for the time and place and the skills to use that gear in the severest conditions that could occur. Whilst equipment testing means I’m often carrying gear that is heavier t (=ёȁ́ݥѕȀ)́ɥѱ䁹ͅ$݅́䁅)ѡݕЁݸչ)Ѽɕ䁑ѡЁ)չݡ)AѕȁЁA!՝ѕɥ)Ѽ䁽Ёͽ܁ձɅЁݸ)ѕ̸QЁ݅́Ѽ)ɕ͕܁Ё$ձЁ)ȁݼаѡɕɥ)ѡ ɹɵ̸QɕЁ݅́)ȁѡٕɅѕɅɕ́ݥѠ)́ɽչ ́ )́ɥͬݕѕɱݥɕՕ)͡ݕ́ѱչ͡)ѥ́Ёȁ͕)܁ձɅЁ͕əɵ($]ЁݕЁѥѕ̃aձɅӊd)ȃaݕӊdѡ՝$eЁѡ)ԁȁ͡ձЁɔи)ȁхɝЁݕЁձ)ѥͽѡ͕ѥȁх)ͽѡѽЁȁѡѥ)ЁѼٔиQѡѕ)ѕ́ѡЁݥݡӊé)ѡЁ́ѡѥ䁽$)ͼѡѡɗéɕݕ)ѡݕЁ͕ѥȁ)ѥɅ́Ս́ɕѕȰ)Ʌ́ѡȁ)ѕ̸IՍѡݕЁ͕ѥ)ԁ䁵ɔѡɅ̄)$eЁݥѡЁɄ)Ȱѕɕȁ)ɉչȁ䁍ɍյх̸($MѼѡݕЁ)܁ѡݕЁ)͕ѥѕ́́ѡ䰁)ѡݕЁѡѕ̃L)͡ѕȰͱͱи