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o u t d o o r FOCUS winter 2017 FROM THE EDITOR... David Taylor A utumn, a time of mellow fruitfulness, long evenings and that short journey onwards to winter. It’s also the time of the OWPG AGM weekend, a more exciting event than Halloween and Bonfire Night combined. This issue of OF is filled to the brim with words and photos from this year’s weekend, held at the Newlands Adventure Centre in the Lake District. Find out what OWPG members got up to over the three days (spoilers, it involves rain, gale force winds and waterproof clothing), and - more importantly - see who came away victorious at Saturday evening’s award ceremony. 3 CONTENTS 3 / Wordsmith Kev Reynolds, the man with the world’s best job, writes about Octavia Hill, Champion of the Countryside 4 / Runner and Riders Jon Sparks desribes a tough photographic assignment and how he overcame the various challenges he faced. 4 6 / Book reviews Roly Smith reviews David Bellamy’s Arctic Light, Scrambles in Snowdonia, Back Roads through Middle England, and ASCENT. 8 / AGM weekend awards special Twenty pages about the AGM weekend at the Newlands Adventure Centre in the Lake District, including details of the winners of the OWPG awards. 6 11 / Golden Eagle Award Winner: Richard Fox 12 / Derryck Draper Award Winner: Outdoor Design Logistics 13 / Guide Book Winner: Kingsley Jones 16 / Outdoor Book Winner: David Bellamy 8 18 / Outdoor Travel Feature Winner: John Metcalfe 20 / Technical Feature Winner: Chris Townsend If you’d like to submit ideas for articles for the spring issue please contact me for further details. The deadline for all contributions is 15 February. Cover shot Chris Howes Wading in an impressive upstream section of Krem Sakwa (krem = ‘cave’), partly lit with underwater fl ash. See more of Chris’s award- winning portfolio on pages 22-25. www.wildplacesphotography.co.uk 22 / Photography Winner: Chris Howes 26 / Digital Production Winner: Thomas Smallwood 1 Sunrise time 07.44 Sunrise direction 125° Sunset time 15.54 Sunset direction 234° JAN Sunset time 16.02 Sunset direction 233° 1 Sunrise time 07.38 Sunrise direction 117° DEC 1 Sunrise time 08.06 Sunrise direction 128° FEB Sunset time 16.49 Sunset direction 243° 15 Sunrise time 07.59 Sunrise direction 128° 15 Sunrise time 07.59 Sunrise direction 124° 15 Sunrise time 07.14 Sunrise direction 110° DEC Sunset time 15.51 Sunset direction 232° JAN Sunset time 16.20 Sunset direction 236° FEB Sunset time 17.15 Sunset direction 251° Sunset/Sunrise times and direction correct for London. Times in GMT The Outdoor Writers and Photographers Guild is the only UK-based association of media professionals working largely or entirely on outdoor subjects. Our members cover every fi eld of activity and all corners of the globe. They include writers, journalists, fi lm makers, photographers, publishers and editors, all with a passionate interest in the outdoors. For more information visit www.owpg.org.uk. All images and text copyright the authors. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission is strictly prohibited. 2 Outdoor focus | winter 2017 Editing/design: David Taylor OFeditor@owpg.org.uk ISSN 2043-8591 (print) ISSN 2043-8605 (online)