Outdoor Focus Summer 2018 - Page 6

Gallery This month’s theme: Rock around the clock RUDOLF ABRAHAM / Lofoten islands, Norway Mountains above the Reinefjord, in the Lofoten islands, in Norway’s far north – one of the most beautiful landscapes I know. The buildings in the foreground are rorbuer (wooden fishermen’s cottages). This was taken several years ago, on my first visit to Lofoten – evenings were spent chasing northern lights, daytimes were spent photographing astonishing white sand beaches, or (as in this case) photographing and generally enjoying the view from the wooden terrace of the cottage I was staying in. For this shot I used an old, manual focus 16mm fisheye (Nikkor 16/3.5 to be precise), with the horizon line placed across the centre of the frame to minimise distortion. www.rudolfabraham.co.uk 6 Outdoor focus | summer 2018