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Contents o u t d o o r FOCUS 3 OWPG news 4 Making use of Oddities From the editor... 6 Gallery O 8 Book Reviews summer 2018 David Taylor ne swallow doesn’t make a summer, but spotting the fi rst hosepipe ban story of the year is surely a good indication that summer is fi nally here. It’s not all good news of course. Clear blue skies and a blazing sun aren’t ideal conditions for aesthetically pleasing photography, for instance. But the warmth and long days of summer are welcome nevertheless. In this issue of OF we say hello to two new OWPG members, explore the intricacies of current copyright law and how it aff ects photographers, talk to Michael Gove about his role as Secretary of State for the Environment, Food and Rural Aff airs, and discover the importance of a Mr Fixit when in the Himalaya. An introduction to new members, Tom Fay and Adam Redshaw, and a sad farwell to Dorothy Unsworth Hamish Brown delves into his cabinet of curiosities to share oddities collected during his travels around Scotland Rudolf Abraham and Mark Gilligan rise to the challenge of rocking around the clock Roly Smith reviews an eclectic range of new outdoor titles by members of OWPG 10 Snap Happy 12 Environmental Talk 15 Bivvy Bovver 16 Wordsmith Terry Marsh focuses his attention on copyright law and how it aff ects photographers Rob Yorke fi nds out if Michael Gove can deliver his ambitions for the English countryside post-Brexit James Forrest takes a walk on the wild side and wonders whether it was wise to do so Organise a Himalayan expedition and you’ll need a Mr Fixit. Kev Reynolds knows just the man 4 8 15 If you’d like to contribute to Outdoor Focus please send an email with your article idea to me at davidtphoto@gmail.com. The copy deadline for the autumn edition of OF is 15 August. 1 JUN Sunrise time 04.48 Sunrise direction 52° 15 JUN Sunrise time 04.42 Sunrise direction 49° Sunset time 21.08 Sunset direction 309° Sunset time 21.19 Sunset direction 311° 1 JUL Sunrise time 04.47 Sunrise direction 50° 15 JUL Sunrise time 05.01 Sunrise direction 53° 1 AUG Sunrise time 05.24 Sunrise direction 59° 15 AUG Sunrise time 05.46 Sunrise direction 66° Sunset time 21.20 Sunset direction 310° Sunset time 21.11 Sunset direction 307° Sunset time 20.48 Sunset direction 301° Sunset time 20.22 Sunset direction 294° Sunset/Sunrise times and direction correct for London. Times for April 1 onwards are BST Summer’s cover star Simon Whaley Boats on Morston Creek, near Morston Quay, North Norfolk Website | www.simonwhaley.co.uk Moon phases Third Quarter 6 June New 13 June First Quarter 20 June Full 28 June Third Quarter 6 July New 13 July First Quarter 19 July Full 27 July Third Quarter 4 August New 11 August First Quarter 18 August Full 26 August Meteor showers Delta Aquariids 27-28 July Perseids 12-13 August The Outdoor Writers and Photographers Guild is the only UK-based association of media professionals working largely or entirely on outdoor subjects. Our members cover every fi eld of activity and all corners of the globe. They include writers, journalists, fi lm makers, photographers, publishers and editors, all with a passionate interest in the outdoors. For more information visit www.owpg.org.uk. All images and text copyright the authors. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission is strictly prohibited. 2 Outdoor focus | summer 2018 Editing/design: David Taylor davidtphoto@gmail.com ISSN 2043-8591 (print) ISSN 2043-8605 (online)