Outdoor Focus Autumn 2017 - Page 8

ALLAN HARTLEY / On Tow - Gaping Gill The photograph was taken during the Bradford Pothole Club’s annual winch meet. I’d finished with my photo session in the main chamber and was in the queue to exit. Despite all the water showering down I decided to have a go at photographing passengers in the winch cage as they hastily ascended on their way out. Shielding my camera, I put my flash-gun on, swung the camera upwards for hasty aim and fired. Drenched. Dry camera, clear lens, wait for the next passenger and try again.This I did for five times, this being the best. Only when enlarged on the PC did I notice the On-Tow sign on the bottom of the winch cage hence the title. Nikon D800; lens 24-85mm @ 26mm; aperture f/5.6; shutter speed 1/60sec; ISO: 3200 8 Outdoor focus | autumn 2017 www.allanhartley.co.uk autumn 2017 | Outdoor focus 11 Next issue’s theme: The onset of winter