Outdoor Focus Autumn 2017 - Page 5

Jonathan and Lesley Williams who took over Cicerone in 1999, commented: “Walt and Dot lived in Milnthorpe, just up the road from the Cicerone offi ces, and Walt used to pop in from time to time to welcome new team members and check up on what was going on. He always had a cogent view on new projects.” Peter Lumley, another founder member and editor of Outdoor Trade and Industry, said : “Walt was at the coal face of mountaineering reporting and activity – a force in both expression and publishing. He took the Cicerone concept and gave readers what they relished.” Walt with his book Everest Ace mountain photographer John Cleare, said: “He was the fi rst author to actually buy my climbing pictures – and his practical common sense did much to guide the OWG in its early years.” Terry Marsh, secretary of the Guild for many years, said: “Walt was a man of considerable intellect, blended with kind humanity and a passion for the outdoors. He was a great inspiration, and the fi rst publisher ever to ask me to write a guidebook.” “Walt was a kindly man” Walt in the Dolomites, 1976