Our Valley Santa Clarita July/August 2016 - Page 5

OUR STAFF Publisher: Our Valley Group, LLC Editor -in-chief : Bill Miranda Associate Editor : Patricia Canton Associate Editor : Virginia Miranda Art design: ER Graphic Solutions/Erika Rojas Photography: Candice Dalsing Photography Contributors: Dante Acosta Nola Aronson Renee Booher Patricia Canton Mariness Chata Bob Kellar Bill Miranda Laurie Morgan Gary Morrison Ken Striplin Willa Robinson NOTE FROM THE EDITOR T he primary elections are over City. You Go Girl! and, to us, there were no surprises. All our endorsed The candidates moved forward into the Gazette, also Signal and the November elections. Congratulations known to all the winners and better luck next time Odd Couple, just to all the … non-winners. completed a joint something or other. as the Stop me if you’ve heard this one before. Congratulations to the Cleveland Cavaliers Little guys, family owned business, work for winning the 2016 NBA championship. themselves half to death to build a fine Special LeBron newspaper read by many in the valley. James who, considering he’s one of the Let’s call them Jonah. Big guys, money greatest players ever to play the game, bags with no ties to our community, is oftentimes maligned by fans who just buy themselves a failing newspaper plain want to spew their own venom. Get and immediately go about trying to kill over it! LeBron is, and has been for years, the little guys. Let’s call them the Whale. the best basketball player on the planet. The Little Guys, the Suttons in real life, congratulations to are about as fine a people as we will Since we’re in a congratulatory mood, find in Santa Clarita. Like Jonah, they ran congratulations go to Setareh Khatibi who, to avoid their financial turmoil straight after a grueling few months competing into the belly of the Whale, a completely against dozens of beautiful women, won distasteful place to say the least. How will First Runner-Up in the Nuestra Belleza this story end? Maybe God will intercede Latina competition seen weekly on and, like He did with Jonah, free the Little Univision television. Her award, worth Guys to go on to doing God’s work. We over $100,000, is a scholarship to one of can only hope. Mexico’s finest acting schools in Mexico ADVERTISE WITH US CONTACT US Email: ourvalleymedia@gmail.com Website: www.ourvalleymedia.com Our Valley Santa Clarita Magazine is more than just a magazine. We are a digital magazine, a dynamic website and a very active social media presence. We are a multicultural literary site dedicated to promoting diversity and provoking thought. The magazine is distributed digitally to over 5,000 subscribers. Let us help you grow your business and get more customers. Partner with Our Valley Media now. Contact us at 661-513-4770 or ourvalleymedia@gmail.com.