Our Valley Santa Clarita July/August 2016 - Page 34

ART by LILY HANKS I Love to Paint By Laurie Morgan P ainting became a true love for me after years in the entertainment field. I get a thrill rendering on canvas the sights I see in my travels around the world. I’m intrigued by historical architecture and most of my work contains part of a house, castle, cottage, cabin, barn or other structure. Many of my paintings have windows or doors, arches and pathways. These mean to me “adventure, surprise and levels of spirituality”. I’m also fascinated by man’s use of natural substances such as, stone, brick and wood and often add these to my work. Equally I love flowers and gardens and try to include them wherever I can. After raising a family, I rediscovered my creative side and began performing again while taking art classes. Realizing an aptitude for painting, I made a commitment to paint every week and soon my work evolved into my own personal style. I have worked as an actress in film, television and theater in the Los Angeles area. As a singer and musician I have performed all over the U.S. and in Japan, and worked most recently as a commercial talent agent. I will be debuting January, 2017 as a director at the Canyon Theatre Guild, for the musical, Wily Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. I currently live with my husband, Ron and our three sons in Newhall. I truly love to perform and to create art – I’m not quite sure which I enjoy the most! But most importantly to me, whether I’m singing, acting or creating a painting, is how I’m able to touch people’s lives. With my arts I have been blessed to be able to turn strangers into friends, and I am sincerely grateful for this gift. www.lauriemorgan.biz