Our Valley Santa Clarita July/August 2016 - Page 15

Reading Black Issues Teach Your Child a Good Habit: By: Queenbe Monyei http://www.knowledgepowerinc.com/TheMagicString.html By Willa Robinson I n Santa Clarita, there are many Summer Camps and Activities for children to enjoy while on summer break from school. There are so many choices, such as swimming, horseback riding, theater, vacation Bible school, skating, gymnastics, dance, surfing, and many, many more for parents and children to decide what to do. However, one of the most important summer activities parents should include for their children is reading. Research shows that children who don’t read during the summer can lose up to three months of reading progress, which is huge and can have a long-term effect. By: Sharon Ann Duvernay, ED.D http://www.knowledgepowerinc. com/alphabet_book.html By: Michelle LaPorte http://www.knowledgepowerinc. com/tommy_tumbleweed.html According to the National Assessment of Educational Progress, often referred to as “the Nation’s report card,” in 2014, 12th graders graduated, but many didn’t have the skills they needed to succeed in college or work. Going forward, 2016, the percentage of 12th grade students performing at or above Proficient was not significantly different than in 2015. Even more disturbing is the educational statistics when it comes to African Americans: • On average, African American twelfth-grade students read at the same level as white eighthgrade students* By: Dawn Elizabeth Choice http://www.knowledgepowerinc.com/hope_chest.html 15