Our Valley Santa Clarita 2017 October - Page 18

Dear Members and Friends, It is with great excitement we share with you that the Santa Clarita Valley Chamber of Commerce has secured a new office space located at 28494 Westinghouse Place, Suite 114. The Chamber will move out of its City Hall location on October 12th. I couldn’t be more proud of the Chamber and everyone who has been involved this year to ensure the Chamber is a strong and healthy organization. Our move from City Hall, well before our one-year deadline, shows the growing strength of the Chamber. We’re setting goals and we’re beating them. We have positive momentum now as we move the organization forward full force. The new chamber office is approximately 1,200 square feet and is comprised of 3 offices, a small conference room and a reception/lobby area. The office suite has been completely refurbished by the building owner complete with new carpet, paint, lighting, ceiling tiles, and window shades. I’d like to thank Pamela Verner of SCV Commercial Real Estate for successfully representing us in our search. The Chamber signed a 5-year lease at $2.25/sqft. with a 5-year option to renew. The new lease reduces monthly office expenses by nearly 75% from its former space on Tourney Road, giving us the right amount of space while being conservative with our financials. Our member companies have shown the Chamber amazing support over the last several months and we are grateful to their continued generosity in helping with our move. I’d like to thank the following for their efforts in dramatically reducing our moving expenses: Simpatico – Providing pro-bono technology support and IT systems migration. Skycrest Signs - Donating services for new signage manufacturing and installation. AQMS - Moving the chamber from City Hall Xۛ˂Z\\\X[[H Hۘ][ۈوU\ܝ[ݙH[] ]\\]\”[H[\ۜX[ۈ HݚY[Xۛ[[[\ݙ[Y[˂[Y\X[\[\XX[\ HݚY[Xۛ[ݚ[\X\܈HY\\]ٙXHXH[]\YY]HYYو\Y[X\\^K][\H\H\X[Xقո&\\[\[][]H[HHܚ^[\Y[X\\[[\ݙH\Y[X\\X\\YY]HYYو^x&\[\[\\˂[HHۛ]\[ۙH[H^]YX]H]ٙXHXKX\H]HH[X\YYH[YH]]Y[ܙ[^Y H[[YH]\[ۙHH]ٙXH\HܝHY\H[ݙH[܈Hܘ[[[][ ۝\[\\ ]\[BZ\X[وH\Qp NQp LTSVHSHTU