Our Sexuality! Magazine Spring 2017 - Page 49

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Word: Courage

The word courage stems from the root word, cor, which is the Latin word for heart. The original meaning of the word courages meant "to speak one's mind by telling what's in one's heart." It takes a lot of strength, to demonstrate courage in the face of fear, embarrassment, disappointment, heartbeak; especially when we believe that we have to be strong for those around us or we feel that we have to live up to the "expectations" that others place on us. The fallacy that we have to be this big, brave, superwoman that lacks vulnerability and emotion only serves us by given us a dose of false courage. Real courage is being vulenrable, demonstrating compassion, creating meaningful connections with others, being brave enough to say I don't know and being true to who you are. Every time we choose courage, it makes us and every in and around our lives little better. My Beloved, what have you been putting off for a long time? What do you wish you had the gut to do? Well....it's time to put your big girl panties on and make that courageous decision! What's the worst that can happen....you fail? Okay, well get back up and try again! Don't spend your life saying "what if," "I knew I shoul've," or letting others talk you out of your dreams because of their misguided fears because those regrets will eat away at your soul. Finally, ask yourself this one question, would I rather be a courageous doer or a regretful dreamer?"