Our Sexuality! Magazine Spring 2017 - Page 34


To help with your recovery and healing, here are some additional helpful tips:

*Do not try to be a superwoman. Resist the temptation to work.

*Accept the help. Allow your family and friends to assist you with chores.

*Listen to your body. Do not over do it! Allow your body the time to heal properly.

*Take medication (s) as prescribed to stay ahead of the pain.

*Get plenty of rest. Remember you just had major surgery and your body is

adjusting to the change.

*Walk it out. Get up and walk around after your hysterectomy as soon as you get

the go-ahead from your doctor — even if you need assistance.

*Wear comfortable clothes that do not irritate your incisions.

*Keep incisions clean and dry so that they do not become infected.

*Watch the kids, cats and dog. Sometimes kids, cats or dogs will just plop down

unexpectedly. Keep a pillow on your stomach to protect your abdominal area.

*Get support. Talk to others who've had a hysterectomy. Not only is it a comfort to

know that you're not alone, but you can also learn from others who had the same

or similar procedure.

*Just chill! Enjoy your down time doing absolutely nothing at all!

Now of course, I am not minimizing the seriousness of this surgical procedure, the recover and healing process and the effects it can have on a woman's life. I am however, stating that an amazing quality of life can exist post hysterectomy. Forming a great partnership with your physician, learning as much as you can about your specific procedure including side effects and recovery time and enlisting the assistance of a great after care support team will help to make all the difference in your experience and healing!

As for me personally, Thank God I had a very patient and loving husband who was very supportive and understanding about my condition. My physician was great, I did my research, understood my procedure, including side effect and recovery time, and had a amazing after care support team. I made an informed and empowered decisions! And finally for the first time in years, no pills, no period, no pain equals great life for me…well except for this one stubborn stitch that just won't dissolve!

Happy Healing! I sure know I am!