Our Sexuality! Magazine Spring 2017 - Page 29

magnification of a 3-dimensional camera.The 3-D magnification enables the physician the ability to get into tiny spaces more easily and have a better view of the operation than with conventional laparoscopic surgery. The robotic-assisted hysterectomy is fairly new and requires specialized training of the robotic tools.

When decided to have a hysterectomy, it is extremely important that you talk with your doctor about the different types of hysterectomies as well as the side effects, recovery and aftercare of the procedure. This will help you to make an informed decision based on your specific health care needs and/or concerns.

Why have a hysterectomy

There are many reasons a woman may need to have a hysterectomy. Some reasons include:



*Heavy menstrual periods

*Prolapsed uterus

*Uterine polyps or endometrial polyps


For me the decision to have a hysterectomy was rather easy. I was tired of being in pain. I was tired of having surgeries. I didn’t want to try anymore hormonal procedures. I was tired of having a never ending period. I was tired of buying tampons. I was tired of birth-control pills and the list goes on. I could no longer deal with the heavy periods, shooting abdominal pains and large uterine fibroids were exhausting. My periods were so heavy that on some days I was concerned about leaving the house because I did not want to soil my clothes.

So for me, the decision to have a hysterectomy was a the right one. In collaboration with my physician and my husband, I opted to have a total, laparoscopically assisted vaginal hysterectomy. We decided the removal of my ovaries and fallopian tubes were not necessary. And beside, I was not exactly ready to be forced into menopause and I’m sure my husband wasn't either.

I checked into the hospital on December 1st all ready for my procedure. My husband, mom and dad and a few friends were there to support and assist in my recovery process.

How long will it take to recover?

The morphine will have you fooled!

My procedure only required me to stay overnight in the hospital. Immediately after surgery, I was given medication to prevent infection, plus a pain reliever. I was placed in the recovery room for a couple of hours so the hospital staff could monitor my vital signs. Shortly after waking up in the recovery room, I was transferred to a hospital room where I was met by my husband and mother. I felt fine other than the fact that