Our Sexuality! Magazine Spring 2017 - Page 12


Find Support. The decision to be abstinent can be challenging at times. Having support from people that have embarked on similar journeys can be really helpful and encouraging, especially on those days when you feel like giving into those sexual urges.

Control Your Thoughts. Remember the brain is the biggest sex organ! Now, is not the time to go back down memory lane and reminisce on your ex-beloved. This is the time you must filter your thoughts! Our thoughts can produce vivid memories which can sometime lead us down the wrong path, because out thoughts become our actions. If you find yourself wandering back to how it used to be, take control of your thoughts and decide to think about something different like watching paint dry! Boring, right! But you get the point.

No Popping Bottles. Hold off on the substances! Anytime we over indulge in substances, prescription, legal or illegal, our mental state becomes altered. When we are not in our sober frame of mind, our judgment may lapse. We tend to make decisions that we would not normally make if we were not under the influence. (i.e. having unprotected sex or even having sex with someone we normally would not). In addition, our hormones are more active after a night of drinking or drugging and partying therefore we are more likely to give in to the animalistic urge to have sex.

Whether a person decides to use the term abstinence or celibacy, or both is a personal choice. Nevertheless abstinence and celibacy refers to a serious commitment that requires will-power, self-awareness and self-control. When making the vow to sexually abstain, remember why you made the commitment in the first place and that will help you to be more successful on your journey.