Our Patch Spring 2018 Chiswick - Page 19

OUR PATCH SPRING 2018 6 April l Chris Difford, Bush Hall W12 27 March l Colombia v Australia, Craven Cottage SW6 Two 2018 World Cup qualifiers clash in this friendly at Fulham’s stadium, with QPR midfielder Massimo Luongo likely to feature for the Socceroos. Both team were winners in their respective matches at the Cottage three years ago. 8pm. From £25. www.fulhamfc.com/tickets 27-31 March l Othello, Barons Court Theatre W14 William Shakespeare’s tale of murder, deception, love and jealousy is transposed to modern-day London, where the Cyprus housing estate is being defended from an invading Turkish gang. At the Curtain’s Up pub, Comeragh Road. £12. Box office: 020 8932 4747. www.offwestend.com The Squeeze co-founder takes to the stage with versions of Cool for Cats, Up The Junction and others. The support act is Boo Hewerdine, best known for the 80s band The Bible. 7.30pm. £17. www.bushhallmusic.co.uk 6 April l Tigers Jaw, Bush Hall W12 The indie rock band from Pennsylvania have included Bush Hall in their spring tour, backed by Slaughter Beach Dog and, from Brooklyn, Worriers, who recently released their second full-length album. 7pm. £16. www.bushhallmusic.co.uk 11-13 April l Nathaniel Rateliff, O2 Shepherds Bush Empire W12 Having sold a million copies of the debut al 'VFV&FVƖfbbFPvB7vVG2'&rFV fW7Fff&RF'2f"F&VPvG2BFRV&Rw*3#Rwwr6FVזW66w&W6Уb&(e6&f6VG&Ps@62FRF6Rbח7F0WG'2W&f&VBW&R'G"&v&N( 26v66Rbv&2'7VfWG26VFrW7&r@'V֒B&FWG27V627W&F2BFWBFW62wg& *3wwr&fW@2R&6W7V&^( 2FRb6w&V6BV'F6R2FRf'7@bfW"2'FRVr7F'2bF'&rBFRT( 0FW7BG&66FRF6FVגbW62`G&F2'BBSRFv'F&BsBdb&W6FVG0VƖgf" *3rF6WG22FR6V66FVW2vFvR&PF&VR67FW'2&R'&6( 2'G&BbFR'&L:2R""6VVBVFW.( 2F&6VG'&vBWp&6Rb""B:6v&N( 2fWfW"B"wwrF2Vb&(d7B&v2FƲV&6V"s@2&(d67v6V7F26fR&Bs0FRvVVǒGVW6FV7F7F'G2BvFgW&GW&RFw2FVW26FW26fW"BF226VV&&vVBg&VRwwr67v6V7F26VEtTeDt@Ds@2B&(d֖G7VW"vN( 0G&VǗ&2s`66RF6VR6W7V&^( 0fW26vbVrfW'0Bv'&rf&W2&Vf&PB6WG2fbFvFPFW"&VB2( &FW0FW'&WFF( F22@Ǘ&2BfFW"&GV7FvFW62g&FRF6&VƖrFV6VW0F&V7G2F6WG2g& *3wwrǗ&26VW7G&FVBFƲ'7FWVआR&WBFRƖW2@7FF2bvW7BF( 07BFR'&VFf&B`67v667F'66WGVWG2B67v6V&6V"&W&R6RBr366WGVV&W'6 *3wwr'&VFf&FF67v6Ƈ2&rVr&(eFRvFWW7F6rs`&VƖFFfG2BFPFƆ&066W'B&6W7G&W FR6vW"w *3#SwwrWfVF6У#b&(dV֖2B6'6RV"s@R7WǒW"FVBFW7WǒFR77FVwVF"B6BFRV"@C3B67v6v&BN( 0&VwV"FW'6FvFW"r33g&VRwwrG6'6V67v66V#&(d&VFf&B&6"&@6Rs@f'7B6Rf'7BF6f &&vVB7GR'&w6prFRG&W7FRF&W2FWw&VBb6WFfV@&'666WFfV@&B6VW'2g&'WW'2g&3 *3wwr6WFfVF6&&Bv6FR6