Our Patch Spring 2018 Chiswick - Page 15

EAR TO THE W4 W4 DID YOU KNOW... HOUSE HISTORY GOES ONLINE 296 YRS Lifelong Chiswick local and media guru Nigel Walley is helping six Chiswick residents’ associations, including the SOTG Association, to develop House History Initiatives via Chimni. Get your house included, email nigel.walley@chimni.com THE COFFEE TRAVELLER 58 THAMES ROAD The caffeinated version of Cheers for locals. Paul Cooney says – “If you live in Strand on the Green, you love The Coffee Traveller”. Last year was “a bit of a horrid time,” say Neil and Bex, owners of ‘strand hub’ The Coffee Traveller – but locals rallied to the rescue when a van full of equipment was stolen and the cafe was ram raided. Amber Inder Rieden was due to row a race on the Thames and seized the fundraising opportunity, and within 48 hours, the community had raised enough money to get the team back in business. ITALIAN GENEROSITY THE CHISWICK CONNECTION Concerns relating to overcrowding, safety and the inadequate design of Gunnersbury station date back over 15 years. Locals eagerly anticipate the installation of a 120m ‘weathering steel’ footbridge connecting Chiswick Park station to Chiswick Business Park, hoping it will relieve some of the gridlock at Gunnersbury. The £7m project is scheduled for completion at the end of 2018. The Italians quietly installed itself on the high road in 2016 and has flourished thanks to a fanatical fan club of local foodies. They donate their freshly baked loaves, including Chiswick’s best ciabatta, to The Shelter Project Hounslow’s overnight and visiting guests. A W4-based volunteer tells us, “You couldn’t meet a more generous bunch.” LOCAL FAVOURITE THE PILOT 56 WELLESLEY ROAD With the best garden in Gunnersbury The Pilot is Paul Cooney’s favourite – “This Fuller’s kitchen produces mouthwatering panfried salmon". CAFFEINE, KINDNESS AND COMMUNITY LOCAL FAVOURITE The number of years the Grade II listed Bull’s Head pub has been licensed. Rumours have it this local favourite once housed Oliver Cromwell’s secret campaign HQ. ERNEST GARDENS W4 £699,950 FREEHOLD Call sales  020 7112 5375 IT’S A FACT... 450 KG The largest bell in the Russian Orthodox Cathedral is the exact weight of a grand piano. Its Psalms inscription reads, “I will sing unto the Lord as long as I live.” GREEN GROUND THORNEY HEDGE RD W4 £1,000,000 FREEHOLD Call sales  020 7112 5375