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JOHN’S TOP TIP OUR PATCH SPRING 2018 VILLAGE Limousin Cross T-bone steak and chips at the Anglesea Arms A ZOO OF FUN AT THE LOCAL FREE SCHOOL BREATHES EASY Hammersmith illustrator Louis Fowler has been passionate about zoology since he was at Flora Gardens primary. Now his meticulously observed ink sketches of endangered species are on sale in his local pub. If you’re enjoying a jar in the Stonemasons Arms, Cambridge Grove and an animal catches your eye, unpeg it from the display line and buy it for £20 at the bar. Louis (it’s pronounced ‘Lewis’, rather than like a French king) has made an A-Z series of animals, setting his ink pictures of animals against bright blocks of colour to give the images a dramatic background and bring the animals to the fore. Produced by a specialist printer in Covent Garden, they may one day be brought together into a book. It wouldn’t be his first; Louis has several children’s books to his name, including Nothing Rhymes with Scissors, a cartoon/poetry mix. Ten per cent of his picture money goes to animal conservation. www.onecuts.wordpress.com LOCAL FAVOURITE RUN THE NUMBERS... West London Free School primary pupils can breathe more easily after Banim Street was closed to school rush-hour traffic. Part of H&F Council’s ‘healthy school H&F’S FIRST streets’ scheme, it HEALTHY runs to the end of SCHOOL March. Parent Laura STREET Bolton said: “Our children can arrive and leave school safely on an extremely busy road, with less exposure to dangerous pollutants.” The CCTV-enforced scheme runs 7.30am-8.30am and 3pm-4.30pm. IT’S A FACT... 533 YRS since the death of Sir Robert Brackenbury, the man ordered by Richard lll to kill the Princes in the Tower, after whom it is named. To his credit, he refused the order! BRACKENBURY’S DELI 22 ALDENSLEY ROAD W6 10 / 11 Home-cooked food and hand- roasted coffee in the heart of Brackenbury Village. John Horton says – “The best place for coffee”. 5 % The proportion of Hammersmith & Fulham’s footprint covered by Brackenbury Village – the area bounded by Ravenscourt Park, King Street, Hammersmith Grove and Goldhawk Road which is made up of a wide variety of Victorian architecture. BOROUGH OF H&F BRACKENBURY VILLAGE CARDROSS STREET W6 £850,000 FREEHOLD Call sales  020 7183 8091