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Our Patch JUNE 2016 24 - 26 JUNE | FULHAM PALACE, SW6 CHIC F T NILE RODGERS BECK LABRINTH JOHN NEWMAN A N G I E STO N E A L I S O N M OY E T THOMPSON TWINS’ TO M B A I L E Y I N C O G N I TO ANNE-MARIE EMIN GRACE JESSE ROSE N I C O L E M O U DA B E R (HOUSE SET) K R Y STA L K L E A R BUY TICKE TS NOW AT FOLDFESTI VALLONDON.COM ROBOMAGICLI VE.COM / TICKE TMASTER.CO.UK Join us for a fun a�ernoon at the Wendell Park Summer Event!! Sat 16th July 2016, from 12 to 3pm Featuring: Performances by children from Wendell Park PrimarySchool BBQ (Macken Burgers, Nando's Chicken and Vegetarian op on�, Beer and so� drinks Bouncy Castle and Face Pain ng Sweet Tombola Plus lots of exci ng ac vi es 6/7 For more information contact us: The Upper Room St Saviour’s Church Cobbold Road | London W12 9LN info@theupperroom.org.uk www.theupperroom.org.uk Sponsored by: Horton & Garton HF ARTSFEST A week of culture RETURNS to DELIGHT The Big Moon are having a laugh as they head to Shepherds Bush for Bushstock HF ArtsFest lets you splurge on Bugsy Malone tickets T he largest week-long local arts festival, sponsored by Hammersmith & Fulham Council and developer St George, is even bigger and better this year. HF ArtsFest, which runs from June 6-12, returns to the borough for the third year, featuring 130 events and 400 performers. Highlights include: l The Little Gardener, a play based on the children’s story by Emily Hughes, performed in a glass box in Lyric Square l Tales from the V&A Archive in Blythe Road l In Voice & Verse, Elizabeth to Elizabeth, a celebration of British history for the Queen’s 90th birthday at All Saints Church in Fulham l Free tickets to the opening night of Bugsy Malone at the Lyric l A Cacophony of Sound and Music at Westfield l Roald Dahl story time & treasure hunt at Nomad Books in Fulham to celebrate the centenary of his birth. “We are really excited about our biggest programme of events,” said HF ArtsFest chair Petrea Owens. “And most of them are free.” Visit: www.hf-artsfest. com BASH IN THE BUSH Bushstock is back. And what could be better than having 31 bands playing just a short walk from each other in Shepherds Bush, asks Geoff Cowart T hirty-one bands across six Shepherds Bush venues. It can only mean the triumphant return of Bushstock. And for the sixth year, the one-day music festival featuring some of the most exciting up-and-coming talent alongside more established names changes the face of W12. Set for Saturday June 18, the line-up so far includes Dan Croll, Palace, Syd Arthur, Meadowlark, Vant, The Big Moon, Rationale and Sara Hartman. Once again, the festival will take over fans’ favourites St Stephen’s Church, The Defector’s Weld and Bush Hall. Throw newcomers Sindercombe Social and the K West Hotel into the mix, and you’re guaranteed a day of superb music without having to stray too far from Shepherds Bush Green. The K West gig in Richmond Way is especially interesting as it will be 啐)ё́ѼѡЀ)ѥم́ݡх)ȁѡ͔ݡЁ) ͡ѽɥՔeЁݽ䰁ѡɔ()ݥѡȁ͕ɕЁ͡܁ѡ́啅ȸ)Qɥ͔͡܁Ё啅ȁͅ܁)ՕՔ͹]1ͥѡ)ѥ] ȁ́ձ́ɥѼ)Օ锁Ѽѡх́ɽѼэ)ɕ͕ͥٔ́ɽQMхٕ́)95ձٕ)Qѥم́ɽ՝ЁѼԁѡ) չIɑ) չAɕ͕̰ݡ)݅́ɸЁѡ͍ͥѡ)͍ɍ؁ɽչѡ()9ѥ!́ Ո̸)չ 1ٕЁ5յɐ(M̰-؁)́ ˊé)ɽՍȁ%ɥЁ ͡ѽ)́ՑQ5ѕ)̰ ѥ)՝ѕȁ5-݅խ)Q̃ ȸ)Yܹͥչͥլ((0