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Our Patch JUNE 2016 174 King Street, Hammersmith, London W6 0RA Tel. 020 8741 7171 • Fax 020 8741 7743 DX 32750 Hammersmith 2 • Email hamm@owc.co.uk Open 9.00am to 5.00pm sport, and I’ve only ever really loved football,” said the centre back. “I felt inspired by England’s World Cup, and it’s been fantastic to play again. “My teammates are now good friends. Our social activities include days out to watch professional teams, playing table football and exploring other parts of London.” Team mate Kelly Bowen, 27, from New Zealand is in technology PR. “I started playing at a very young age as my dad used to play professionally. “He inspired me and my siblings to take it up. I have been in London for three years and was happy to discover Hammersmith women’s football. “My little sister, who plays for New Zealand women, inspired me, and it was wonderful to find such a great bunch of girls, led by a coach who’s committed to us doing well.” John Horton, of Horton and Garton, said he was delighted to sponsor the team. “Michael invited me along, and I Don’t leave a mess for the ones you love. Genteel? Anything but. It was brutal, with crunching tackles, yet it was played in a sporting spirit. It's great to be able to support it We specialise in the expert preparation of wills and dealing with all matters that might arise. Will preparation Conveyancing Motor offences Dispute resolution Family law By using a local solicitor, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that you can just walk in for more immediate and personal service than that available online. Competitive rates Funding options Business law Personal injury 22/23 Call or visit today. Fixed fees Lumiere Chieh shows off her skills. If you want to see what Hammersmith Ladies are about, just turn up to Tuesday training PICTURES BY JUSTIN THOMAS CONTINUED FROM PAGE 19> Spurs and Crystal Palace. We’re keen to get more people involved; playing, coaching, helping, sponsoring…” The names to watch? Jaisymar Rivas, a street food entrepreneur, was consistently on target in the club’s blistering end-of-season seven-win trot. The Venezuelan finished on 14 goals in 25 games. West London’s glorious melting pot is reflected in multiple nationalities, with players from Spain, New Zealand, Hungary, Iceland, USA and Canada. Another rising star is Lumière Chieh, 29. “Outside football I work for a publisher, and I’m a school governor, do yoga and play music at open mic nights around London,” she said. She has grown up in the borough, playing football at Good Shepherd primary school in Shepherds Bush, and enjoying summer camps run by QPR and Fulham. She began playing at secondary school, and took up the game again after the Women’s World Cup. “I wanted to get back into active took my two boys,” he said. “It wasn’t like the blokes’ lump-it-upfield type of game; it was full of intricate passing.” If the tag ‘ladies’ makes it sound a bit genteel, the reality is anything but. “It was brutal,” said John, “with crunching tackles, yet it was played in a sporting spirit. This is a growing sport and it’s great to be able to support it.” Backed by FA qualified coaches, the team’s minimum age is 16, while the oldest player is mid 30s. But rule nothing out! Another team in the league fields a 64-year-old woman! “And she was quite good,” said Michael in an admiring tone. Of Hammersmith Ladies, Michael concluded: “They’re a great squad. They all turn up and travel to away games.” The big challenge remains retaining girls who play at school through the inevitable distractions of late teenage and early 20s years. Hammersmith Ladies start training again at the end of June. Find out more by bowling up to a Ravenscourt Park session or email: hammersmithladiesfc@gmail.com