Our Patch July 2015 - Page 12

WORMHO DEN ROA D AD H AW K D ROA R AV E N ROAD SQ U A R E GOLD R AV E N S C O U RT GARDENS H A M LE T GARDE N 21 ST. PETER’S SQUARE IC K M AL L r the purple Look out fo Partners’ stickers in s window CH IS W 3 4 STA ND I S H R O AD G r e at of f e rs ! 11 B LA CK LI O N L A NE 24 THE CARPET STORE Friendly, independent shop 156 Goldhawk Road, W12 ELD RT ENUE MONKEY TEMPLE 12 Fine Nepalese & Indian cuisine 92 Askew Road, W12 Finely-restored local pub 217 Uxbridge Road, W12 RFI OU V OK A BRO 23 PRINCESS VICTORIA ISVI NSC ORD Stamford Brook R AV E R AV E RO F STAM NS DE ROYAL DRY CLEANERS 11 Two decades of cleaning skills 393 King Street, W6 D AV T K OO UE AVEN DELL PLAY Family-run DIY and trade shop 99-103 Askew Road, W12 S TA D EN ROA ESC BIN ETT CR BR AR DG BEN Independent hair and nail salon 196 King Street, W6 WEN ROAD RY L ETT RD PRE 22 ASKEW PAINT CENTRE 8 AD RO 10 BOHEMIA V ROA HAYD N PAR K CU R OA D 20 16 22 12 6 7 D OA D RO N PA ES R EW R A ASK BE CK LO W RO OAD OR AD ELM ORD D RY L D OO L’AMOROSA 21 New Italian with star chef 278 King Street, W6 LT ROAD ROAD AD S T. G AY F ROA Premier boutique hair salon 92 Hadyn Park Road, W12 indian zing 9 Curry house with modern twist 236 King Street, W6 12/13 UE SW RT HA STA O MF 20 CHERRY RED Lovely gifts for the whole family 141 Askew Road, W12 FIRST AVEN E 8 J W BEETON VENUE SECOND A THIRD AVENU 19 DR S