Our Patch Autumn 2017 Hammersmith & Shepherds Bush - Page 13

AD DUNRAVEN ROAD D 6  The Good Shepherd Catholic Hammersmith 7 Greenside 3 9 Lena Gardens ST. PAUL’S G REEN HAMMERSMI A4 12 S M HA CE AN TH MI RS ME ’S OR LL RE UA SQ AD RO 11 CH 11 St Augustine’s Catholic E N EE IN QU L RO CA 10 Miles Coverdale TH FLYOVER F URN IVAL L GARDEN S 8 John Betts Hammersmith Broadway 5 Earl’s Court Free School G LENTHORNE ROAD horton and garton Hammersmith & Shepherds Bush Office, 176 Kin g Street www.hortonandgarton.co.uk 4 Brackenbury Shooting Starz 4 Ravenscourt Park www.shootingstarz.co.uk PRIMARY SCHOOLS in your local area W6 DS 5 S LEY RD ET GREAT WEST ROAD 14 AD RO LENA GARDENS D 9 O BATOUM GARDENS O AD RO AVE GR L SU MELROSE GARDENS STRE AT W Lyric Theatre 3 The Lyric Centre, King Street www.lyric.co.uk Goldhawk Road ROAD OW 2 1 2 KI N G A LD EN Indian Zing 2 236 King Street www.indian-zing.co.uk 1 AD 8 Ravenscourt Park ENS BENB Top Hat Dry Cleaners 1 289 King Street www.tophatchiswick.co.uk S HEP HERD S BU S H C OM M ON RO D LD A K RO HAW IN G NS 10 4 3 D ROA TTS GO 4 RAVE N SC OU RT PA R K SCO CATH N OR PAR K IN EV DW O As local business owners, John and Paul are proud to recommend the best local businesses in W6 and W12. For more information and exclusive offers, visit www.hortonandgarton.co.uk Shepherd’s Bush Market RD T H O R NF I E LD O G AD 7 RO S T R K R O AD W12 D ON R T O ROAD FIND HORTON AND GARTON PARTNERS IN W6 & W12 GREAT DEALS FOR ALL OUR PATCH READERS ELLERSLIE ROAD 12 St Paul’s CE 13 Wendell Park 14 West London Free School