Our Maine Street's Aroostook Issue 7 : Winter 2011 - Page 69

Van Buren We had been running a contest on Channel 8 for all kids grades k through 6th. The theme was “What Van Buren Means To Me”. We had several entrants and they have had their stories running on the TV for some time. However, not everyone has access to our channel, so we are reprinting those contest entries here. The winner will be decided soon, and they will receive a free personal pizza from Glam-R-Us. Let’s all spread the good feelings, appreciate what we have, and think positive towards our future. And if you get to speak with any of these children, thank them for their town spirit. Why I like living in Van Buren. I like to live in Van Buren because my parents are here with me and memere and pepere are too. There are not any tornados, hurricanes, or earthquakes. My aunts and uncles are around here. All my cousins are around here too. I also have a nice yard. If I lived in the city, I probably wouldn’t have a yard. All my friends are here too. If I lived in Florida, the season would just be summer. Our town has a park. Maybe other towns might not have a park. I’m happy with where I live. If I move, I’m going to lose all my friends and might not be able to find new ones. Abby Ayotte Grade 2, Age 7 The reason why I like my hometown Van Buren is because of the friendly people in a nice quiet town. I love to ride four wheeler with my mom and dad and my sister on the nice trails. You can trust most people. I like going to my big school. The teachers are all very nice. I like to walk in town with my dad and my sister. My whole family also lives in Van Buren. I like my house. Some of my friends live on my same street. This is why I like my home town Van Buren. Dominick Boutot Grade 2, Age 7 Why I like living in Van Buren. I like living in Van Buren because I have a lot of space in my back yard. I also have a big swing set in my back yard. I love the big house I have. I like the trees we have and the apples I get from the trees. I also love all the stuff that I got. I feel safe in this town. I love Van Buren. Brooke Caron Grade 2, Age 7 I like living in Van Buren because almost my whole family lives here. I love to live here because I have lots of room to play outside and have a garden. I like living in Van Buren because memere lives downstairs. I am happy I live in Van Buren because I don’t have to use an elevator or go down a whole bunch of stairs. I think Van Buren is beautiful. Eddie Saucier Grade 2, Age 7 I like to live in Van Buren because there is not a lot of traffic and most of us have a back yard. If we lived in the urban cities, it wouldn’t be too tranquil. If we lived in Van Buren most of the time, it would be tranquil. That is why I like living in Van Buren. Jayde Violette Grade 2, Age 7