Our Maine Street's Aroostook Issue 7 : Winter 2011 - Page 63

Make Life Easier by Professional Home Nursing Is it getting harder to bend over to tie your shoes? Is it getting more difficult to read your prescription labels? My grandmother would often tell me, “Kristi, just don’t grow old!” It is bound to happen to all of us, we cannot stop the aging process. We can however, with today’s technology, get through the aging process gracefully. There are many gadgets and techniques to make daily tasks simpler. You just need to be willing to try them out! Safety first!! Be sure to sit before putting on or removing lower body clothing. To make the far reach easier, try using a device called a reacher, or often referred to as a “grabber.” The reacher can be used to push your pants or underwear down over your feet. The reacher can also be used to clench the waist band of your underwear or pants to help get them up over your feet easier. Socks can be removed with this buddy tool as well. Shoes can be brought to closer proximity. The reacher is also most commonly used to pick up items that have fallen on the floor, or with a towel clenched at its claw end, can wipe up a water spill. Another cool device is a sock aid. It is an odd U-shaped device that once a sock is slid onto it, can very simply put your sock on for you without the need to bend over. Most folks who use it the first time, smile and say, “That was slick!” Now, I mentioned tying shoes earlier. There are these great elastic shoe laces that lace up shoes in the typical manner, leave them tied, then just slip the shoe on or off without the need to bend ove ȸ