Our Maine Street's Aroostook Issue 7 : Winter 2011 - Page 60

Healthy You: Embrace Winter by Kim Jones, Cary Medical Center A Maine winter can be quite daunting. Driving on icy roads, trying to keep your home warm, shoveling the driveway, trudging to work or running errands in mindnumbing coldness, scraping the roof, and going for days without hardly seeing the sun can all add up to a heap of stress and aggravation. Like many people, come February I yearn for the smell of freshly cut grass and barbecues in the backyard. But as much as I look forward to summer, some of my favorite memories are actually tied to times when the temperature strained to reach the 20 degree mark. I can vividly recall how much fun I had smashing into the snow banks with my dad in the old plow truck, the thrill of victory (or agony of defeat) I shared with my brothers during neighborhood snowball fights, helping my mom decorate our home to give it that magical holiday touch, skating in a parking lot turned ice rink, and sledding with friends on snow days. Embracing winter can lead to a lifetime of wonderful memories. It also presents us with many unique opportunities to participate in fun, inexpensive, and healthy activities. Check out these suggestions to help [