Our Maine Street's Aroostook Issue 7 : Winter 2011 - Page 34

families out West, but has found a new home in the Friends Church. Public events are not restricted to just the musical variety. Home & Garden tours hosted by Frontier Heritage are generally held late July or early August to showcase the beautiful blooms of private homes in the area. The next one being planned for 2011, should once again delight the admirer of God’s green goodness. Other attractions over the years include art exhibitions such as the one that showcased Fort Fairfield native Wilda Burchell Hutcheon. Finding her inspiration in Maine and the Maritimes, her works have been exhibited far and wide. A fashion show of vintage clothing has also been held to educate and fascinate visitors. Most notable were the handmade silk gowns, once worn by Cora Reed, wife of former Maine Governor John Reed; and former US ambassador to Sri Lanka. Private functions are welcome as well. From Eagle Scout ceremonies to weddings, families seek this reverent setting as a place to celebrate and sanctify special occasions. School groups are also hosted and many of them have learned about the history of the structure and the early settlers. This includes the important role it played in the Underground Railroad that helped slaves escape to freedom. The young people often walk away with a deeper appreciation for our heritage. This and more have been available over the years, but will only continue with the support of our generous citizens. Although many projects have been accomplished such as a new roof, interior ceiling, and restoration of the stained-glass window; a new foundation is needed. Without it, the building will not stand. By attending ongoing events and having special occasions celebrated, the means to preserve this jewel in the Crown of Maine will be allowed to shine for generations to come. All are welcome in the endeavor! Frontier Heritage 18 Community Drive Fort Fairfield, Maine 04742