Our Maine Street's Aroostook Issue 7 : Winter 2011 - Page 32

community service with all being welcome. The Quakers owned the church until 1972 when Orthodox Presbyterian Reverend Charles Stanton secured the church to start a congregation. He worked there until 1992 when he retired. Later in 1995 he discussed the historic significance of the church with local citizens and gave the structure to Frontier Heritage Historical Society of Fort Fairfield. Little had been done to the building since the renovation of 1906. Time had taken its toll. The wainscoting had bulged and the plaster behind the tin walls and ceiling had deterioriated from a leaking roof. The floors had been darkened with age and in one area it was severely burned where a wood stove had overheated. The belfry attic had become a shelter for feral cats and bees sought habitant behind the loose clapboard exterior walls. The stained glass window was bowed from the settling