Our Maine Street's Aroostook Issue 7 : Winter 2011 - Page 26

place. After the race, the family heads out to Goughan’s Farm in Caribou to tag their Christmas tree. One last bit of Turkey Trot nostalgia. For the first 24 years, the Turkey Trot t-shirt logo remained the same, a turkey running, working hard and sweating his way along the race course. This past year, it being his 25th year and thinking perhaps he may retire as race director, Dr. Harrigan changed the logo. The 2010 t-shirt logo depicts Tom Turkey contentedly at the finish line. But, as Dan and Mary Harrigan began relating the story behind the 25-year Turkey Trot Race history, with all the many memories of family and friends coming together for what has become an 24 Turkey Trot WINTER 2011 Aroostook County Thanksgiving weekend tradition, I could see a wee bit of hesitation begin to surface about handing over the responsibilities for organizing year 26. The “oh, remember when,” “ gee, I forgot about that,” and “it doesn’t really seem like it’s been that many years,” from the both of them, may have started him thinking about postponing his retirement for another year. After all, family traditions, celebrating the holidays, and great memories go hand in hand…..and they make us all smile. Below (L-R): Chef “Where’s Waldo” Libby, complete with a carving knife and turkey baster. Tom Turkey. Runners giving it their all during the 2010 race.