Our Maine Street's Aroostook Issue 7 : Winter 2011 - Page 24

Above: Four of the six Caverhill family members running the Turkey Trot Race; Troy and Stephanie Caverhill, their son, Cullin and Troy’s Dad, Philip Caverhill. Troy and Stephanie’s two other sons, Lucien and Austin Caverhill, crossed the finish line a few minutes earlier. Left: Jane Small and her daughter Abby running the race. Opposite: Runners enjoying themselves during the race. the Chef is aka Paul Libby of St. Francis. - Many racers who’ve run the race during the past 25 years are now participating with their kids. This past year, three generations of the Caverhill family, Troy, his wife, Stephanie, their sons, Cullin, Lucien and Austin, and Troy’s Dad, Philip Caverhill, all crossed the finish line. The Harrigans recalled that the Jepson family, Brent Jepson, his son, Taylor, who was 10 or 11 years old at the time, and Brent’s late father, Ken Jepson, also ran the race together about 10 years ago. Some other local regulars at the Turkey Trot Race over the years include: the Art Thompson family, the Prest family and the Freme family. Individual longtime runners include Connie McLellan, Chris Smith, and Angie (Edgecomb) Ewings. Dr. Harrigan reminisced that Art Thompson of Limestone has run many races with Tom Turkey, after running the first race 25 years ago. - Dr. Harrigan has kept every race result board. He displays them all each year, giving racers the chance to see 22 Turkey Trot FALL 2010