Our Maine Street's Aroostook Issue 7 : Winter 2011 - Page 23

Above: The Harrigan Family, (L-R); Eamonn, Mary, Dan, Lauren and Caitlin. The Harrigans celebrated their family tradition of hosting the 25th Annual Turkey Trot Road Race in Caribou on Saturday, Nov. 27th, 2010. Opposite: The 2010 Turkey Trot gets underway. Below: Turkey Trot family runners, Bruce Freme and his son, Tim. and that one year we did have to relocate the finish line because of the icy parking lot.” With Dr. Harrigan as Race Director, and the Harrigan family working the registration table, the tradition has also continued with the Small Family of Caribou working at, and running the race. Brotherin-law, Dr. Craig Small, and daughter, Paige, help out on the race course, and sister-in-law, Jane Small, and daughter, Abby, have run the race for the past several years. Dr. Harrigan explains that a running joke, no pun intended, over the years has been that he tells all participants, “to run until they see my brother-in-law, then turn around at the cone and head back to the high school.” Although the Harrigan family members are all runners, Lauren is the only one who has taken some time out of working the registration table to run a few races. Dr. Harrigan usually runs the course after the race is over to check out his time. Aside from the fact that each year, “Tom Turkey,” registers for, and runs the race, in hot pursuit by Chef “Where’s Waldo” Libby equipped with a carving knife and turkey baster, there are many other fun historical facts to remember about the Turkey Trot Race. Incidentally, for the past 7 or 8 years, Tom Turkey is also known as Paul Lamoreau of Presque Isle, a local teacher and cross-country coach; and WINTER 2011 Turkey Trot 21