Our Maine Street's Aroostook Issue 5 : Summer 2010 - Page 55

Aroostook Eats Rosette’s Background history for Rosette’s? Rosette’s was established by Willard and Rosette Chamberland-Saucier on January 9, 1954, at that time it was known as The Roadside Diner. In August 1982, Rosette’s was purchased by Joanne and Aurel Lavoie who were the owners when we acquired Rosette’s in 2006. Two couples owned Rosette’s between the Sauciers and the Lavoies: Harold and Reine Martin (1973-1976) and Danny and Lorette Martin (1976-1982). For many years Rosette’s has been a family oriented business, and we just wanted to keep that same tradition with our two children Olivia, 10 years old and Spencer who is 8 years old. How we became involved in Rosette’s. We moved back to The County in 2004, when I began working as a waitress. After a year or so, my husband and I began tossing around the idea of owning a restaurant someday. Then on April 1, 2006, our dream became a reality. We concentrated on keeping a lot of the same menu items; we didn’t want to change what was already a good thing. We were also lucky enough to have kept much of the same staff, which also made it much easier on us. What is the theme of the restaurant? Our theme is Casual Fam