Our Maine Street's Aroostook Issue 5 : Summer 2010 - Page 31

In truth, the success of this year’s event can be seen not only in monetary gains but, perhaps more importantly, in the way our community was able to support each other. Miles Williams described the event as follows, “With all the tents, lights and people together celebrating their commitment to this event, it was so festive; there was a snowball effect of enthusiasm. And, at the same time, there were very serene and solemn times with participants walking around the track. At any given time you might see someone just taking in the event, the beauty of it all, luminaries lighting up the track, people reflecting on how cancer has touched their lives. Often times you might see someone softly crying in a private moment and then approached by friends or strangers to get a comforting hug. That’s what it’s all about and makes the Relay event what it is.” The Relay for Life event has proven once again that though Aroostook County is made up of small communities, they are capable of achieving great things. Capable of providing monetary support even in the face of daunting financial hardships. Capable of contributing time and energy despite the fast-paced world we live in. And above all, capable of offering something bright in the face of tremendous adversity – the single word spelled out by thousands of luminaries placed edge to edge along the Relay track – HOPE. “Relay is not just about one thing, but it is a chance to share a truly meaningful experience with our friends, neighbors and loved ones. Knowing first hand what I endured during my life threatening illness, making me face my own mortality, makes the opportunity to be able to give back so much more meaningful. Knowing that the fund raising efforts will make a difference and someday we all will be Cancer Free. Relaying allows us the time to appreciate and reflect on the joys and sorrows we have all experienced in dealing with the battles, losses and victories against Cancer.” SUMMER 2010 Relay for Life 29