Our Maine Street's Aroostook Issue 5 : Summer 2010 - Page 24

The Caribou Zoo A Visit With Dick Chabre When and how did you get started? Was this intended as a hobby or a business? When I was just a small boy, I started raising birds. I’ve had many types of birds and animals over the years as a hobby. What types of animals did you start out with? What types of animals over the years? I started with pigeons and peacocks. About 25 years ago I moved on to Mountain Sheep, followed by the Fallow Deer. I’ve had Snowy Call Ducks, Buff Call Ducks, Doves, Pheasants, Geese, Ginny Hens, Pigmy Goats, A Baby Lamb, Rabbits, Ostrich, Emus, and many other types of Pigeons and Miss Piggy “ A Pot Belly Pig”. This became very popular, and we had visitors from across the United States. How did you cover your operating expenses? For many years, since it was my hobby, I paid for all the food. However as time went on, about 15 years ago I placed a ۘ][ۈ