Our Maine Street's Aroostook Issue 29 : Summer 2016 - Page 56

Panel Title 8. Who is a Maine Acadian? 9. Cultural Byway Map 10. Explore the Acadian Archives 11. Le Grand Dérangement Acadian deportation, migration and resettlement 12. Farming Then & Now 13. Smuggling in the Valley Tales of ‘La Bagosse’ 14. The ‘Potato Road’ How Rail Affected Farming 15. Champlain names the Rivière Saint-Jean (St. John) 16. Catholicism, Education & French/Acadian Communities Catholic sisters bring classical education to generations of Valley children 17. Traditions Passed Down Through the Generations Weaving & spinning 18. The Acadian Settlers Settling where faith, farms & families could grow 19. The Acadian Cross, Geneology & Family Reunions Linking Past & Future 20. Discover Traces of Acadian Architecture 21. Tools: Making Do With Creativity French-Acadian Inventiveness, Ingenuity & La Patente 22. Who is a Patenteux? 23. Acadian Heroine: Tante Blanche 24. Americanizing the French Catholic Acadians 25. A Valley of Suspender Farms, Not Village Squares Long lots and land use in Valley settlements 26. Ma mère in charge! Work the woods in winter (Matriarchy) 27. Revenge of the Cradle? When a dozen kids was common 28. French Business Boom 29. Traditions of Faith & Church Architecture Tour the churches of the Valley 30. Speaking French Banned in Valley Schools 31. Educating Valley Farm Children & One-Room Schools Location University of Maine at Fort Kent Acadian Archives acadiennes 23 University Drive, Fort Kent Frenchville Heritage Park & Historical Society 306 US Route 1 Frenchville Boat Launch 96 US Route 1 St. Agatha Town Office (Gazebo) 419 Main Street Ste. Agathe Historical Society Museum 477 Main Street, St. Agatha Tante Blanche Museum 774B US Route 1, St.David (Madawaska) Grand Isle Rest Area US Rte 1 (Madawaska/Grand Isle Town Line) Acadian Village 851 & 859 Main Street (US Route 1) Van Buren Aroostook Hospitality Inn 95 Main Street, Van Buren St. Bruno-St. Remi Catholic Church 174 Main Street, Van Buren Governor Brann School Building 218 Caribou Road (US Route 1) Cyr Plantation Roosevelt School Building 588 Hamlin Road (US Route 1A) Hamlin Several of these panels have been placed on or near the local community’s heritage museums. The panels placed near these sites help to enhance the topics which tend to be the general focus of the local historical society museum located nearby. Stopping at the museum while on this tour will only further enhance your experience. For the full effect, stop at the Fort Kent Blockhouse in downtown Fort Kent and the Musée 54 SUMMER 2016