Our Maine Street's Aroostook Issue 29 : Summer 2016 - Page 49

A reception was held at the President’s House to congratulate Dr. Kevin McCartney on his Fulbright Award. Pictured at the event are, from left: Dr. Ray Rice, Provost and Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs; President Linda Schott; McCartney and his wife Kate McCartney; and Dr. Jason Johnston, Chair of the College of Arts and Sciences. understanding between the people of the United States and the people of other countries. The Program operates in over 160 countries worldwide. Prominent Fulbright alumni include: Muhammad Yunus, founder, Grameen Bank, and 2006 Nobel Peace Prize recipient; John Hope Franklin, noted American historian and Presidential Medal of Freedom recipient; Riccardo Giacconi, physicist and 2002 Nobel Laureate; Renée Fleming, soprano; Jonathan Franzen, writer; and Daniel Libeskind, architect. program choice, Marshall University’s Master’s Program in Exercise Science—he said he had just one more thing he wanted to do. McCartney’s Fulbright research will occur in Szczecin, Poland, located in the northwestern corner of the country. Based at the University of Szczecin, the research trip will extend over eight months, from September 2016 through early May 2017. McCartney has undertaken two threemonth-long research visits to the country previously, in 2012 and 2014. His Fulbright award will enable him to engage in larger projects, develop a better knowledge of Poland, and conduct talks at universities throughout the country. The story was picked up by CBS’ Good Morning America, Inside Edition, and news \\[][ۜXܛB[KY]Y[[]ܚY\X]B[ \]HSTHXXYH]˙XX˂K[\[ˈH]H][Y[]\]BܘYX][ۈ\[[ۚY\܈H\]X\\[\HZY\\H\H\܈STKH[HٙHYH[ۈHZ\H\[Z[ۈ[ۈۈۙHۙYKYX\[]\[ݙ\\[][\\K[Z[ۈY\XYY\[X[HXY[[Y[Y[[ۈ\[\HY\وHܛ X\[ܙHX]\H[\^][[š\[[]STK\]˝[\KYK\H[[[Y[[XYHYXYH]H[œ[Y[X\]\H\[ۙH[ܙH\\H[ܙB܈[\\ˈ]\[ۙH]\Y܈H[]\]x&\ŒL [Y[[Y[^\\\X[YH]\\B\HXX[[]Y[STHY[[[[HX[KY[X\وHܘYX][\و MYH]Y\[ۈ\\Y[[[H\XZ܂^[^H[Z[ۋX\H[وH][ \Y[[YX[KB\X[YX][ۈۋUXX[XZ܋H][Hœ^HH]ܙˈ[[Hܛ\[YYHYYBܙو\H\H]\[ܘYX]\ˈ[XY X[H\ۙܘ][]YH\و M[[ZYHY8'HXX[Y[ۙH\H]H[Y][š[\ܝ[] 'B][X\\Y\HY[%\][\™YܙYH]STH[Z[X\Y\ܘYX]BSTH\و MܘYX]H[[HX[H\š\[Y\Y[[[STHY[^[^H[Z[ۂ\[STx&\ L [Y[[Y[^\\\ˈHZY8&Y\&HH[\]YHX\XYH[ SSQT M ‚