Our Maine Street's Aroostook Issue 29 : Summer 2016 - Page 29

Maine Potato Blossom Festival by Tim Goff I have always enjoyed one of the best seats in the house for the Maine Potato Blossom Festival. I’m not sure the realtor mentioned it to my parents, but the home they bought when we moved to Fort Fairfield just happens to sit right on the parade route. I didn’t get to take advantage of that fact much as a child, as it was a rare occasion I wasn’t marching in it – be it as part of a brass corps of a school marching band or as a proud Little Leaguer – but it was a decent consolation to have my own cheering section embedded among the masses! After I graduated and moved away to attend college, I finally was welcome to join the adults lounging on the lawn. While it might be the only time I’d see some of these folks all year, it was great to connect and catchup. Through an unspoken pact, we also all worked together as a team. Each of us were responsible to keep an eye on the cluster of kids who carefully staked out their spot with a bag ready to hold their collection of candy. Even though I didn’t have kids of my own, it was fun watching the youngest members of our group shake uncontrollably with excitement when a mammoth tractor or pack of clumsy clown ZY\HYY\] Y[[ܚY\و^H^\[][^H\܂Y[YYH[ܘXY\]\\Y\\Yݙ\YHZHH H\^]\Y\][HY][\[ۈB]]^H\][[][X\[Z\[\&\\YܙH[[XZ\]YX[BXYX]XYHۈH^[[ق[HYZ\^HۈH][Y[ Y\H\و^H]Y\H\][X[YHB[H\]]ܘ[[ZYH[ܘ[\YH[]\^H[\ݙ\YH\][܈\[H\YX\\[وܚ[]H\ۛHH[۝ [\و\HX\[܈X\[[\H[[\\\[YHH]ۈ[YH[YHYܘ[X[܈[KY[܂\ۈ\KH[\۸&]]Z]H\HH\H\B\YK]Hۛ]\Y][ܝ\ˈx&[H[[\X\][\\\\H[\YX\[]H\[YHX]\^H[[[[[HY\YY[Y[HB][\HY H[^\\XX]YH[ܙYXB[HوYHۜ[H]H[HXZ[B]H\][ ]X[H][[X]]Y\]Y\H\ܙ\ۋ]\›ZH][HZ\YH\\HHHۙ\Y]\^H\^YX\[]Y\Y]B\][^H\XX][ۈ۝[Y\Z[\™^K\H[H[^HXۙYX\\H\X܈ق\[[Y\[YHY][ۋ]XZHH[H[]X\\XH][]X\HHHYܝو^HX Z[BZ[وHXZ[H]H\][Y[YY[\H[Y[H\ٙ\YH؈ HHYX[]8&\Y[\وHXX]XZ\\B[H܈X\H][HYX\H]H]ZXBX\Y\[H[H[\XX]HH[ܛZ]Hق[][ZH\H[[\[\\X]Y]Z[[\Y]۝وH[][]B[]][ۈYH]H [H[[[K[YZ[\\Y\\HY\]\BSSQT M‚