Our Maine Street's Aroostook Issue 25 : Summer 2015 - Page 47

The Summer in Central Aroostook County By Central Aroostook Chamber of Commerce Ah, the lazy days of summer! Floating down a river, relaxing on a front porch sipping a cool beverage, watching the sun rise and set over incredible vistas, listening to the birds, watching jet planes fly by way overhead, smelling the flowers that are growing wild around you! Do these sound like things you would like to do while taking a break from the hectic pace of your daily life? All of these things can be enjoyed in Central Aroostook County. We have wonderful hotels, lodges, campgrounds and cabins where you can enjoy whatever level of service you want. You could also choose a beautiful bed and breakfast where you can enjoy the company of the hosts, learn more about the area or just enjoy their library selection. With temperatures averaging about 75⁰F there are beautiful warm days to enjoy the outdoors and wonderful cool evenings for stargazing and sleeping. that offer picturesque views and beautiful greens. If you like motor sports, you could also jump on an ATV and explore 1,200 miles of trail riding. There are a number of historical museums spread throughout the area. If you are interested in visiting, it is best to call ahead and make an appointment. Do you enjoy taking long drives? Then you are in the right place! Each turn offers a new panorama with changing views and beautiful scenery. If you are in Central Aroostook County in July, you will see a variety of crops in blossom, all with their own beauty. Between farmland and forests, there are miles and miles to explore. From early July through to the first frost fresh vegetables and fruits will be available at many roadside stands and local grocery stores. I think Central Aroostook County is the only place left in today’s world where produce is still left beside the road with a container to collect money for If you want to rent a kayak or canoe and paddle purchases. The honor system is alive and well in some flat waters, there are outfitters who will get Aroostook County! you to the river or a nearby lake and back. They will give you advice on where to look for bald You may enjoy fabulous home cooked meals at eagles, moose and other wildlife. There are many any number of restaurants and diners. Central places to fish, swim or pull in for a picnic. You can Aroostook County is fortunate to have fine French choose to take an overnight excursion, if you are Cuisine, Acadian dishes and lots of local favorites feeling adventurous. Enjoying nature in Central that can be found in establishments around the Aroostook County is often like having your own area. private playground! If you are looking for a place to get away from If you enjoy more physical activity during your heavy traffic, light pollution and a hectic life, take vacation, you can hike or bicycle on one of many a trip to Central Aroostook County, where you set trails available or play golf at one of our many public the pace. golf courses. We have 9 hole and 18 hole courses SUMMER 2015 45