Our Maine Street's Aroostook Issue 25 : Summer 2015 - Page 36

Wheels Fly-in/Cruise-in. Strictly speaking we didn’t even have a structured airshow. The day started off with a heavy mist which turned into a soaking rain, which finally turned to clearing skies and a picture perfect afternoon. Despite the wet start to the day the crowds came. We found that there was a lot of curiosity in the community about this airport, which sits on the Canadian border, that most had only heard about but hadn’t had occasion to visit. They were just waiting for an invitation! Due to the inclement weather of the morning few planes flew in, but around noon we were blessed with a visit from a private jet, that made a huge impression on our guests! Imagine, jets landing in Houlton, Maine. My favorite moment of the day wasn’t the planes or the music, but the 90 year old man with tears in his eyes who was walking through the historical exhibit reminiscing about his memories of the Air Base. The really great thing was that we totally underestimated the excitement and involvement that the project would generate. Apparently if you put planes, helicopters, cars and food together, getting volunteers to help is not a problem. From the very beginning the day has revolved around Border Patrol, Customs and Border Protection, Forestry Service, Northern Maine Motor Society, Houlton Rotary, Civil Air Patrol, the Aroostook County Historical Art Museum of Houlton, and local pilots invested in the event’s success. We were so encouraged by the first year’s attendance that we took HY\