Our Maine Street's Aroostook Issue 24 : Spring 2015 - Page 64

UMPI focused on campus-community T # he University of Maine at Presque Isle has kept a strong focus on cultural arts offerings, interactive learning opportunities that stretch from neuroscience to theater, and professional development activities for campus and community members during the winter and spring. The University was pleased to welcome about  area high school students to campus for the st Northern Maine Regional Brain Bee in December. The event was held in conjunction with faculty from the University of Maine at Machias and the University of New England as they held the Eastern Maine Regional Brain Bee and the Southern Maine Regional Brain Bee, respectively, on their campuses on the same day. These events were associated with the International Brain Bee, a not-for-profit neuroscience competition designed especially for high school students that tests their understanding of brains and the nervous system, and how they work together. The day of the event was packed full of interactive, hands-on activities, such as dissecting sheep brains, investigating cockroach neurons, and exploring the neurophysiology of meditation and calming thoughts. After lunch, students tested their “brain facts knowledge” during UMPI student Hannah Wood helps lead local high school students through a sheep brain dissection exercise during neuroscience activities connected wi