Our Maine Street's Aroostook Issue 24 : Spring 2015 - Page 5

Co n t e n t s April, May and June 2015 In This Issue 6 Presque Isle Youth Hockey by Bob Davis & David Cowley 18 Maine Black Bears & Human Arrogance by Catherine Shaw Bowker 22 An Opportunity to Explore Healthcare Careers by Karen Gonya 28 Where There Are Farms, There is Promise by Jane Margesson 42 Why You Should Move to Central Aroostook County by Central Aroostook Chamber 48 National Park & National Recreation Area by Lucas St. Clair 60 Northern Maine Orchestra by Alysa Snow 62 UMPI Focused on Campus - Community Collaborations by UMPI 66 Rural U by UMFK 70 Spring To It by Dwayne Young 76 Healthy You: Behind The Wheel by Kim Jones