Our Maine Street's Aroostook Issue 24 : Spring 2015 - Page 14

“Youth hockey has allowed me to be part of a team and at the same time make long lasting friendships while playing a sport I love!” -Gage Letourneau “It’s difficult to truly sum up how these kids feel about hockey. It literally runs through their veins. When they are on the ice there is no place they would rather be; when they are off they are chomping at the bit to get back on! Off the ice they truly live and breathe the sport by playing knee hockey, street hockey, watching hockey, practicing stick handling and slap shots, counting the minutes until they are back on the ice. In the fall when ice goes in, they bust through the doors to get the first beautiful glimpse and savor the smell of fresh ice! Our hockey family is together again. As a parent and a team manager it is truly amazing to see the depth of their love of the game.” -Rachelle Roy 12 SPRING 2015